Our Story

Find out a little about this successful family run business, and how we came to be! 

How we got started

Shoeing With His Father


The owner, Lee Green, started shoeing with his father from a very early age. He was able to shoe a horse by himself in 1953, at age 11. He was shoeing professionally in Nephi Utah in 1958, while still in high school. 

Reds Meadow and The Grand Canyon


In 1964 Lee left Nephi to shoe Mules down in the Grand Canyon, and would lead the occasional pack trip. Around the same time he also was shoeing and packing at Reds Meadow in Mammoth Lakes, CA for a couple summers. 

The Shoein' Shop


Lee and his wife Charlotte moved to Yucaipa, CA in 1969. He was shoeing in the area for a few years when he decided to buy a property. He built a barn so people could bring their horses to him, hence the name The Shoein' Shop! While he was shoeing, Charlotte was running the shop. Then eventually, his daughters started to manage the store. 



Lee was competing for over 23 years has has a lot to show for it, he was one of the best! He also was heavily involved in the shoeing contest at Mule Days since its start, in 1970.

Traveling The World


From 1980-2013, Lee was able to travel all over Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States conducting clinics. He was able to share his knowledge with many people! His son Portor, who is also a farrier, is going to follow in Lee's footsteps and do the same. 

Where We Are Now


Lee quit shoeing in 2004 to focus on the business. The shop now has 20,000 square feet of business space that holds thousands of products. We supply many other shops in the US. The whole family works together to make this place great. We couldn't do this without our customers, and are so grateful to do this everyday.